Danish Arbitration (Voldgiftsret) is a comprehensive textbook on commercial arbitration in Denmark under the Danish Arbitration Act of 2005. The book includes analyses of case law in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Topics include:

▪    Arbitrability
▪    The arbitration agreement
▪    Effects of the arbitration agreement
▪   The arbitral tribunal
▪    Relationship between the arbitral tribunal and the courts
▪    The arbitral proceedings
▪    The award
▪    Recognition and enforcement of the award
▪    International arbitration in Denmark

The book is relevant to all lawyers involved in arbitration.


Authors: Jakob Juul & Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen
(3rd ed. by Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen)

Published by: Karnov Group
Publication: 3rd edition, 2017
Pages: 474
ISBN: 9788761939272
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Read a review of the book in “Tidsskrift for Bolig- og Byggeret” (in Danish) Ikon_link_light