For more than four decades we have been leading providers of legal services to the construction and engineering industry. As legal advisers to employers, contractors, technical consultants, insurance companies, financiers and investors, we have been involved in most the significant construction and engineering projects in Denmark in recent times.

Our cornerstone
Construction law has been a cornerstone of our firm since the beginning. We have built up knowledge and understanding of the industry that goes deeper than that of most other law firms in this field.

We advise clients on all aspects of construction law, from the drafting of contracts, general conditions and special conditions to advise on insurance matters, public regulation and claims of any kind.

We also provide assistance to clients in matters of risk management and conflict prevention. Additionally, we tackle the challenges posed by procurement laws and handle construction litigation and arbitration, both of which areas have developed into special disciplines of their own over the years.

The projects in which we are involved range from conventional construction and engineering projects to infrastructure projects, hospitals, process plants, power stations and offshore projects such as wind farms.

New approaches and international projects
In its quest for optimisation, the building and construction sector develops new types of agreements and approaches to construction and engineering, and we are frequently involved as advisers in projects based, for example, on public-private partnerships (PPPs), partnering, early tendering and ESCO agreements.

We advise not only on projects in Denmark, but are also regularly involved in projects abroad, for example in Northern Europe and Africa, and in offshore projects. We have built up in-depth knowledge of international standard contracts such as FIDIC and NEC3.

Legal adviser to architects and engineers
We have always had a special relation with technical consultants. Our list of clients includes several of Denmark’s leading architectural and engineering firms, whom we advise on all matters.

We are authors on the leading commentary on ABR18 – General  Conditions for consulting services in the building and construction industry – and we are continuously instructed by insurance companies to handle professional negligence litigation and arbitration on behalf of architects and engineers.

Real estate and development projects
In addition to our work with construction and technical consultants, we assist public and private sector clients in property development projects, in particular urban development run as PPPs, and in connection with sales and the purchases of real estate, including public authorities’ purchase of purpose-built facilities.


Since 1994 we have been Metroselskabet’s sole legal adviser on all matters of construction and procurement in relation to the Copenhagen Metro, most recently in connection with the City Ring extension (DKK 21 billion) and the Nordhavn branch line (DKK 2 billion).

We have assisted urban real estate developer Realdania By in flagship development projects executed in partnership with municipalities throughout Denmark.

We advise LINK arkitektur AS og Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects K/S on a range of matters relating to a new extension of Hvidovre Hospital (30,000 sqm, at a value of approx. DKK 1.7 billion).


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