ABR 18

VILTOFT has written a complete commentary on ABR 18 – the new General conditions for consultancy services for building and construction works.
The book was published on 19 January 2021.

On 1 January 2019, the new General Conditions for consultancy services for building and construction works (ABR 18) entered into force, and today these standard terms are used as the basis for the vast majority of agreements entered into with architects, engineers and other technical consultants within the construction sector. ABR 18 replaces ABR 89, and constitutes both a complete rewrite and a substantial extension of the prior document.

The book contains a thorough review of each of ABR 18’s 63 clauses, including the report of the AB Committee and legal literature, as well as detailed references to relevant case law both before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board and before the state courts.

The areas covered by the book include:

  • Drafting the Consultancy Agreement
  • The consultant’s performance of the works, including the consultancy phases, changes to the services and project review
  • Payment for the consultant’s work
  • Intellectual property rights for architects and engineers
  • The client’s remedies, including rectification, reduction of the consultant’s fee, damages and liquidated damages
  • Limitation of liability under ABR 18
  • The parties duty to comply with the time schedule, including damages or liquidated damages in the event of delay
  • Postponement and cancellation of the works and termination
  • Dispute Resolution

The book will be of particular interest to attorneys, judges, architects, engineers, owners and contractors.


The authors are:

  • Michael Gjedde-Nielsen
  • Henrik Hauge Andersen
  • Steen Hellmann
  • Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen
  • Morten Ruben Brage


Published by: Karnov Group
Publikation: 1st edition, 2021
Pages: 565
Price: DKK 1.036,00 + taxes
ISBN: 9788761941633
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